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Is Lupus Hereditary? What are the Causes of Lupus?

Is Lupus Hereditary? What are the Causes of Lupus?

The exact reason for lupus is no known, a lot of research is happening to find out the actual reason for the autoimmune activity of certain bodies. However the medical world unanimously accept that heredity, viruses, continuous exposure to UV light, and certain drugs may induce lupus in certain individuals.

Role of Heredity:

Is lupus HereditaryCertain genetic factors might increase the tendency of developing autoimmune disorders. These autoimmune diseases are not contagious, the most common autoimmune disease which might be caused due to heredity are rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders like swelling, lupus and vitiligo. These diseases are more prevalent among relatives of people with autoimmune disorders than regular people. The other triggering factors like uv light, viruses or drugs might have more impact on people with a family history of autoimmune diseases.

Lupus and Women:

Among the people affected by lupus, 80-85% are women. Hormones might also play an important role, this is substantiated by the fact that women with lupus experience a severe worsening of symptoms just before their menstrual periods. These two facts put together suggests that certain female hormones might play an important role in acquiring this disease. There are lot of research work going on in this area.

Role of Enzymes:

This is an important area of research and already certain studies have demonstrated that a key enzyme’s failure might contribute to the development of SLE. This enzyme’s role in the body is to destroy the dead and dying cells. Research on mice demonstrated that when this particular enzyme (DNase1) is inhibited, it resulted in symptoms of lupus. This DNA’s role is to eliminate defective DNAs from the body by breaking them off in to small bits so it will be easy for the body to dispose them off.

Research in this area might show the way ahead for conventional treatment, as today there are no real treatment methods in conventional medicine to cure this disease. However this should not stop you from fighting against this disease, as there are several natural treatments available to cure Lupus. A system developed by Dr. Gary Levin M.D offers a Natural Treatment for Lupus


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